Video/Audio modul

Wide angle audio/video module suitable for 2 wires colour video systems. Colour camera with 1/3” sensor and white LEDs for the lighting of the shooting field. Mist prevention heating resistance. Loudspeaker and microphone volume adjustments. It can manage up to 98 pushbutton calls using the additional double row pushbutton modules. It offers the possibility of opening an electrical door lock directly connected to clamps S+ and S- (18 V 4 A impulsive - 250 mA holding current 30 Ohm max) and connection of a local door lock release pushbutton on clamps PL. Preset for additional power supply. Fitted with front LEDs for the notification of the operating status: door lock release, communication active, call put through, and system busy. Integrated optic sensor for the switching on of the night backlighting. To be completed with surround plate. The device must be configured physically or using a PC and the TiSferaDesign software.  
Art nr: BT-351300